Valentines Day Cheat Sheet

Okay, so Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’re not prepared.. What do you do?

That’s easy! Take a look at this Valentine’s Cheat Sheet for all you need to celebrate a day of love with your significant other – if that significant other is yourself, or your fur baby, no worries! There’s ideas for you too!

Every year I always get to Valentine’s Day, wondering if this year is the year I’ll be blessed with a Valentine, but alas it hasn’t been so. Not to worry though, the most important person in life is yourself, and that should be the whole point of Valentine’s Day – just celebrating love and happiness! These ideas are tailored to suit any situation on any kind of budget – there’s definitely something for everyone!

Date Idea 1: Get out and about on an Adventure!

Getting out of the house and going for adventures is not only a great bonding chance with your significant other, it’s also amazing to do on your own or with your fur baby! Head out on a hike, climb a mountain, or discover a new spot somewhere that you haven’t been before! With Valentine’s on a Sunday this year, it’s the best opportunity to change it up and find some new treasures – in your home town or further away!

Make this year the year of new experiences! We had a crazy year last year of lockdowns and being stuck indoors, and for us in New Zealand it’s the perfect chance for us to get out and explore our own back yard!

My favourite thing to do whether I’m on my own, or with someone special, is just getting outdoors and away from the house! Whenever I’ve got a day off, I’ll be in my car finding new spots to explore, or finding the highest mountain I can climb! And with the gorgeous weather we get here in New Zealand, especially in my home town in the Bay of Plenty, there really isn’t any excuse not to get out! Head over to my Instagram for more adventure ideas!

If you’ve managed to score some extra time off, why not pack the car for a cheeky roadie across country?

Date Idea 2: A Home Cooked Meal beats going out any day!

Potentially an unpopular opinion, but I’m more of a fan of staying home and cooking than heading out to fancy restaurants all of the time – or is that just me?

Valentine’s Day, it’s all about spending time with those special to you and celebrating love – and what better way to do that than spending a day together and cooking together? With Valentine’s Day being on Sunday, take advantage of that and get in the kitchen for a home cooked brunch, or a romantic candle lit dinner at your own dining table! There’s no one else around to disturb you (if you have flatmates, just kick them out surely) and get to cooking!

Not sure what to make? There are tonnes of ideas on Pinterest to suit all dietary requirements!

Plus, just think of all of those candid shots you can get in the kitchen…

Date Idea 3: Blanket Fort and Movie Night!

Aww, how cheesy and adorable does that sound? Okay guys, the way to any girls’ heart is with a blanket fort, a stash of her favourite snacks, piles of pillows and movies (trust me, we go crazy over that). What makes it even better, surprise her with it after she gets home if she’s gotta get up and work beforehand!

If you’re feeling super fancy, string up some fairy lights around the room, and you could even turn it into a sleepover night as well!

Image from @berseub on Instagram

If you haven’t got a desk or anything to hook your sheets over, a few command hooks around the room to clip or hook your sheets to will do the trick. They also make it much easier to hook lights and other decorations to your blanket fort and have it looking extra special for Valentine’s Day.

Date Idea 4: A Nice Outdoor Picnic!

We’re so blessed with amazing weather here in New Zealand, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make the most of it and head out for a nice romantic picnic! Grab some berries, fresh fruit and yummy snacks – maybe even a drink of something sparkling, and get outside! Even if it’s just in your back yard, nothing beats a cute picnic in the sunshine!

Why not make it even more fun and invite your friends and family along – and even bring the fur babies too! I reckon I might make this my plan for Valentine’s Day!

Date Idea 5: Have a Photoshoot Together!

Okay, I know you might be thinking “How is that a cute Valentine’s Day date?”

Nothing beats a cute date than making memories together – something you can look back on for years to come (assuming that all goes well, otherwise it’s a lesson learnt right?). No matter where you are or what you’re doing, grab a camera or your phone and get some cute snaps together! If you’re just friends – or with your family – it doesn’t matter! Memories last forever, and nothing is more special!

No matter what you do for Valentine’s Day, just remember the whole point is to celebrate love and togetherness! Want my advice? Make that the centre of attention for your day – whether you’re at work, with friends or family, with your significant other or just enjoying the day at home. We are all so lucky to be where we are today so we may as well make the most of it and enjoy a special day the right way!

I’d love to hear what you get up to for Valentine’s Day! Drop a comment below or head over to my Instagram and be sure to let me know!

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