Fall into Winter – Staple Pieces for your Wardrobe this Winter!

While the weather is getting colder, it’s time to put our summer bikini’s away, and pull out our cozy jumpers, boots and jeans! My favourite thing about winter is stocking up on cute knits, scarves and beanies, and cozy long sleeves. I’ve found over the years that there are certain pieces that I can not get through Winter without, and I love pairing up cute outfit with these pieces. These are my top 5 Winter Staples that I find to be essential in the winter months!

A Puffer Jacket

Here in New Zealand, the puffer jacket is a staple in any sporty woman’s wardrobe! Heading to the netball courts early Saturday morning, I would always see coaches and sideline moms huddled up in their puffers and cheering on their girls. Now, I completely understand why! Having a warm puffer jacket in NZ is essential in winter, as it keeps you super cozy in the cold and windy weather, and it’s perfect to layer over any kind of outfit!

I’m all about mixing athleisure pieces into my regular outfits, and a puffer jacket is the cosiest way to do that! I’m usually wearing one of my two black Macpac puffer jacket’s evert day in winter – mostly because I’m an absolute wuss in Winter and I hate the cold. In the image right, this is a classic feathered puffer jacket in size medium, and of course in black because it goes with everything!

This outfit is one of my favourite outfits I put together for a day at uni, and then heading for drinks with some friends! I popped on a black denim skirt and tee, with a jumper over top, and then the puffer and scarf. To keep it cute but classy, I added my thigh high boots as an extra statement to bring the entire outfit together!

Skinny High Waisted Jeans

Let’s face it, everyone has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe. From light denim to black, distressed to clean, super skinny to boyfriend – we all have at least one pair. I personally can not get through winter without having at least one pair of full length, high waist jeans. This is the one item that goes with almost anything for every occasion; anything from heading to lectures at uni, running errands in town, or even drinks with the girls – jeans are a classic Go-To. Why do you think the outfit idea “jeans and a nice top” came about?

I don’t know what it is about the “tucked in” look with High Waisted Jeans, but I absolutely love it. For an event in winter, I will normally do something similar to this; a cute stand out top and my jeans. This outfit is entirely from Glassons featuring a silk cowl neck cami in size S and Black High Waisted Jeans with a torn knee in size 8. This outfit is super easy for any kind of casual event (this was our staff Christmas do) and it’s easy to pair a Coat and Scarf overtop, and throw on some boots or cute heels.

I also pair my jeans with knit jumpers, hoodies, long sleeve tops – pretty much anything works well with High Waisted jeans! The best part? When you’ve had a huge meal, the jeans can help to hide your food baby!

A Classy Jumpsuit

Whenever I have an event to go to that I need to class it up – playsuits and jumpsuits are always my go-to outfit. They’re so easy to quickly put on, pop on your favourite heels and jacket, and you’re ready to go! Jumpsuits are super easy to dress up with some cute accessories, like statement jewellery and heels, and maybe even a belt to dress it up – but they’re also easy to keep casual and dress down for less formal events.

Whenever I’m looking for event worthy clothes, my first stop is always Forever New. They always have super cute, and super classy options to choose from – and you can never go wrong with classy options for your next event! This outfit was for a dinner in Sydney that I went to; the jumpsuit has a wee cutout and tie up belt, POCKETS, and came in a super classy black and white grid pattern. I paired this with a pair of lace up black heels, a jacket overtop, and my everyday Pandora bracelet.

You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit any time of year, but in winter are one of the best ways to dress up and still keep a bit warmer. I could never get through another winter event season without one!

A Knit Jumper

If you’re looking for something super cozy and super adorable, don’t look further than a knit jumper! There are so many different styles, so it’s super important to get one that you absolutely love! Almost any clothing store will have some kind of knit jumper; oversized, V neck, straight neck, fitted, chunky… All different kinds! When it comes to winter, I’ll usually have at least 3 in neutral colours so I can pair them with all kinds of outfit combinations!

This knit is one of my favourites I’ve ever owned! I bought it one size too big so that it would be slightly oversized and extra comfy. I love being able to roll my sleeves up a little so I can always see my watch, and I love being able to tuck the front slightly into my jeans for a more flattering look.

Even though it wasn’t a neutral colour as such, it went with all of my skirts, shorts and jeans and made for so many cute combinations! On super cold days I would throw on a jacket overtop and a chunky knit scarf to keep warm.

For a warmer look, pair with jeans and knee high boots, tuck the jumper slightly into the top of your jeans to show off a cute belt, and pair with a scarf or coat for an easy layered winter outfit!

Sweats or Trackies

When it comes to winter, I can not get through the season without sweat pants or trackies! I absolutely love athletic clothes, or athleisure wear; having grown up playing sports all year, I guess it’s just grown in me! I’m constantly on the lookout for comfy trackies to get me through the colder months, plus, they’re perfect to keep you warm on a morning or evening jog!

The comfiest trackies I’ve ever found for sports trainings or jogs are the classic Adidas slim leg trackies (I love the mens Essential 3 Stripe Tapered Tricot Pants). They come in a bunch of different colours, and you can get matching tracksuit jackets as well!

For lounging around, I have recently discovered a pair of sweats from RPM which I am currently loving. My go-to brands for sweats are Cotton On Body and Glassons.

Honestly, when it comes to trackies, guys trackies and sweats are just that bit comfier because they typically cater to chunkier legs in guys! Next time you’re on the hunt for trackies, give it a try and see how the mens look and feel. You might be pleasantly surprised!

There are so many other pieces I love to have in my wardrobe for winter; oversized hoodies, turtleneck long sleeve and Active tights just to name a few. No matter what, it’s important to remember to keep warm and look after yourself during the colder months. Especially with everything going on in the world right now, it’s important to take care of yourself and those around you as much as you can.

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration for things to include in your Winter Wardrobe updates! And ladies, honestly, check out the mens section next time you go shopping for comfy clothes – you will not regret it!

See you in the next post!
T xx

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