Fitness at Home – How to Stay Fit at Home

Hey there!

I hope you are well, and keeping positive during our current situation!

I have mentioned a lot in previous blogs about keeping fit and exercising during this lockdown, but I have realised I haven’t gone into much detail of exactly how you can be doing that! I have put together a few ideas that you can use to inspire your own home workout and exercise regime, and I hope that this helps you to keep motivated, and positive, during these crazy times!

Now, I am no Personal Trainer by any means – so if you already have a workout regime that is working for you, stick with it! Otherwise, if you are just looking for inspiration for some things you can be doing at home, I hope this helps!

Walking to Running!
The easiest way to exercise is by going for a walk. Yep – even going for a brisk walk is going to help you keep your fitness levels up, and the weight down! Personally, I try to go for at least a 3-5km walk every day, to make sure I am always getting some kind of exercise and fresh air when I can! Of course, I don’t recommend doing this in the rain, but it is a good idea to at least get out for a brisk 10-15 minute walk every day. This gets the blood pumping, gets you out for some fresh air, and it all adds into your fitness levels! A good way to do this is to fit it into your daily routine – set yourself a loop that is a good distance for your own fitness levels, and try going before or after work, before breakfast or dinner. These are the best times to be getting out and doing this kind of exercise!

BONUS: Who’s your power provider? To my New Zealand readers, who have Mercury as your power provider, download the Mercury Go App! You get different walking challenges, for example do 7,000 steps in two days, and you can earn Mercury dollars. You can save these dollars up to get $$ off your power bill, or transfer them into Air NZ Airpoints! Walk yourself into a holiday! (Once lockdown is over)

If you are feeling a bit more confident in your fitness levels, or just feel like a challenge, try to turn that walk into a jog or a run! It could be the same loop that you have already established with your walk – and you don’t have to run the entire thing! A nice way to transition into running is by starting with intermittent jogging in your walks. Say, for example, you start off jogging 500 metres, then walking 250 metres, and repeat this until you can’t jog any more, or you finish your loop. Eventually, the distance that you are jogging becomes bigger than what you’re walking, and in the end you will be jogging the whole loop! That is called – progress!

Still feeling confident? Change up the jogging into a run! Stick to the same intermittent routine as before – instead you would run the 500 metres, and jog/walk the 250 metres, and so on. After sticking to this simple routine, you will eventually be able to run your loop! This is when you can really start pushing yourself further, and aim for a bigger loop or a faster time!

Fitness Classes!
Fitness Classes are a fun way to get into exercise – and you don’t have to feel like you are! There’s a class for everyone:
– For people that just want to have fun, getting into Zumba is a great way to work out through dancing! Plus, it’s super fun, and outside of lockdown it’s a great way to meet new people and gain confidence in your own fitness. I love doing these during lockdown (when the boys are at work!) and just getting some fun exercise in during the day – it make’s lockdown less boring and it also improves your fitness!

– If you’re looking for something to really give you a burn, try giving Les Mills a try! I try to do at least three of these classes a week as part of my fitness regime – and they have a range of different classes. There’s the Body Balance class, that’s based on yoga, stretching and pilates for muscle strength and mental relaxation – right through to Body Attack with high intensity interval training and sports exercise. Plus, the fitness instructors in the videos are super supportive and encouraging for you to get your workout on – so it gives you the extra push in your workouts!
(You can check their workouts in NZ for free during lockdown –

Fitness Apps
There’s a number of free fitness apps that you can download for working out at home. Anything from tracking your runs, to personalised workout plans suited for you! My personal favourite is the Nike Training App. There are a number of other good workout apps – some of them do require you to pay after a trial period – however apps like the Nike Training App and Stava are both free.

BONUS: If you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch you can also use the fitness app that comes with the devices – which has a number of workout tracking options to help get you moving, as well as your “ring” challenges!

Nike Training App: This app is one of my favourite fitness apps that I’ve come across. It’s free, and comes with a range of workouts and plans that you can tailor to your own needs. Their workouts are all super easy to follow, and comes with tips and tricks for how to do each different exercise. They also have beginner to Advanced levels – so it caters to everyone, with equipment free and weighted workouts! I definitely recommend downloading this App and giving it a go! (Check it out here:

Other Options:
While these are quite running/workout based, there are so many other options for working out from home! Bike Ride: If you’ve got a bike, get your helmet on and get out for a ride around the block – maybe even challenge yourself to go further or faster than your last ride! It’s a great way to see your local area from a different view; whether you’re in an urban area near town, or out in the country side, get yourself out and see what’s around your home!

Spend Time With Your Dog: If you’re fortunate enough to have a dog, a great way to get some exercise in is by taking them for a walk, or go and have a play! I have a Border Collie Cross and we’ve been teaching him to play football with us! It’s perfect, because he’s just the goofiest dog (he loves playing fetch with himself) and he’s got lots of energy to burn during the day! Make the most of this downtime with your dogs and get to connect with them even more!

Get Your Family or Roomies Out: Stuck at home with your family or roomies and have no idea what do do? Grab a ball and go out for some backyard football or backyard cricket, go for a walk together, or get our on your bikes for a ride! All of the workouts in this blog are perfect to get your friends and family involved! Why go at it alone, when you can all work together and encourage each other to reach your goals!

Pinterest: Want to learn some new exercises to tone that sexy peach? Or looking for some new inspiration of workouts, exercise routines, or running routines? This is a great way to find workout inspiration! I love having a look on Pinterest and finding new exercises to add to my own routine! Some of course work much better than others – but it is a great way to experiment and learn new things – and its free!

No matter your fitness level, this lockdown is the perfect opportunity to get up and work on your fitness routine. You can work it into your typical work routine if you’re working from home, or find time during the day to get out and about! Once you get started and find out the best fitness routine for you – you can incorporate it into your day to day life once lockdown is over, and keep going! Plus, once lockdown you can explore other ways to workout, at the gym or out and about! (Getting back onto the trails is what I’m most excited for!)

During these times, we should be thinking positive about the future, and fitness is an amazing way to feel good, stay healthy, and even look good! I hope this encourages you to get out and about to go for a walk, or try out some new classes!

Stay safe, and I’ll see you in the next post!
T xx

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