Self Care 101 – YOU are the Most Important!

Okay, so I might be going a little bit mental during this lockdown…

I haven’t left my house, besides going for a bike ride today, in over a week. My brain is 100% over it and I am so excited to get back to work tomorrow! Thank goodness for working in essential businesses! I have honestly missed being able to walk into our little radio station and do my show, or walking into my aesthetically pleasing retail job! As much as social media makes me super happy, I think we need a break…

I have noticed during this time off that my own life habits absolutely suck. I have noticed that I definitely do not drink enough water every day, and my sleeping patterns are all over the place! Because of this, I thought I would do a quick blog with my top 10 things to remember for day-to-day self care – something that I should probably be paying a lot more attention to! Let’s get straight into it!

1. Drink PLENTY of Water
Yes, this is your reminder to be drinking lots of water every day! It is recommended to drink at least 2L of water every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you work out or exercise, then you typically should be drinking more! This is on top of any other drinks that you consume in a day, such as tea or coffee, to make sure your body is well hydrated. Trust me, your body will thank you for this, and you’ll find your skin looks a LOT healthier, and you’ll have more energy in your day! There are so many benefits from drinking lots of water; your brain works faster and clearer, your skin glows, you can workout harder and see results quicker, and it can also help keep your energy levels high throughout the day! Try to always keep a water bottle with you and make a conscious effort to drink more water; eventually it becomes habit!

2. Take the Time to Unwind
Having some down time; some YOU time is super important for Self Care. My favourite things to do are 1. Have a pamper session and try to get off my phone, 2. Have a nice relaxing tea (my favourite is the Healtheries Vanilla Chai tea) and read a good book, or 3. listen to some nice relaxing music Anything you do to unwind and just tone your mind down a bit helps to reduce stress, and helps you to perform at your best every time you need to! The main point of taking time to unwind is giving your brain a chance to relax and get ready for bed; trying to sleep on an overthinking mind just doesn’t get you anywhere!

3. Eat a Healthy Diet
I can not stress more; healthy diet, healthy brain! Having a healthy, BALANCED diet is one of the most important things you can do for you body and mind. I am definitely one for a guilty pleasure; I love my Nutella at that time of the month, and sometimes I struggle to eat 5+ a day – we all do! It is important to make an effort to eat healthy, and not just eat trash. Not only does it slow down any process of gaining weight, a healthy diet is extremely helpful to go harder and stronger during a workout, or to maintain mind focus at work. Not only fruit and veggies – but making sure you get enough fibre, protein and natural sugars for your body to perform at its finest. A good way to do this is to write a journal or keep track of what you eat every day, so you think about what you put in your body!

4. Exercise Regularly
No matter how small – getting in exercise everyday can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Whether it’s a high intensity Les Mills workout, or a 30 minute power walk, anything you are capable of is great! A good way to do this is to set a goal for yourself – for example: I have just got a 90 day challenge (that I’m starting today – with it being Monday) that is to walk 10,000 steps, and do some kind of workout a day. I think it’s important to keep these challenges visual so that you are always thinking about it. The more you think about it – the more you will do it! I have also found that comparing yourself to others just doesn’t get you anywhere, so forget everybody else! Think about what you personally want to achieve and set your own goals that you want to work towards, write it out or print it, put it somewhere that you look at it every day – and get to achieving!

5. Spend Time With People that Lift You Up
The people you spend your time with can have the greatest influence on how you get through life. It is important to make sure you are surrounded by people who truly want the best for you – not those who drag you down. I have found this throughout my time at university, with always ending up with the wrong people, or no one at all; I personally preferred the no one at all in those situations. Since coming home, I know exactly who has my back and is always there for me; with these people I have found myself again and come out the other side much stronger. It isn’t a bad thing to get rid of people from your life that do nothing but drag you down, and focus on the people that really help you to be a better person.

6. Take the Time to Put Your Phone/Technology Down
Taking a technology “detox” does wonders for connecting with yourself, and looking after yourself. Social Media can be a dangerous place – there can be so much negativity and we can just get swallowed down the rabbit hole. Taking some time to put your phone down, close your laptop and just focus on yourself is some of the best Self-Care you can give your mind in this day and age. In an age where we are always rushing around and hustling to do the best we can – it’s relaxing to forget about the internet and what’s going on, and just focus on what is happening right now. I find that reading a good and engaging book, or going for a big, long walk helps when I don’t want to think about technology!

7. Make Yourself a Good Self-Love Routine
This is probably my favourite Self-Care ritual, having a good Self-Care routine at the end of a week. My favourite day to do my self-love routine is on Sunday – right before the start of a working week, so you’re extra relaxed and feeling great to step into Monday morning! My self-love routine involves a good face mask and deep cleanse, a nice long shower (I’ll typically shave and wash my hair if I need to!), and really pampering my body with a body butter and nice comfy Pjs. Customise your routine and do things that help you to feel amazing, and do it during the evening or weekend to really set you up for the following day!

8. Keep a Journal
I absolutely love keeping a journal and having the freedom to just sit down and write. I’ve always been the kind of person to keep a journal – I’ve never been good at writing in it every day or sticking to it, but I have one! Writing in a journal (or blog) is an amazing way to get your feelings and thoughts down on paper, in a visual way that you can look at it and process it much easier. I also find that keeping a journal is a great way to work on self management and time management, which translates into other aspects of life! If you find writing hard – try keeping a creative bullet journal and keeping track of what you do or feel every day, by using doodles and images to express your feelings! Journals are completely you; you can even keep them and look back on them in years to come to see how far you have progressed and what you’ve overcome. There’s nothing better than looking back and seeing everything you have achieved – no matter how big or small!

9. Make Sure you get Enough Sleep
Having a good sleep is what gets us through the next day – if you’re not sleeping well, you will find getting though the day so much harder! There are a number of things you can do to adequately prepare yourself for bed: 1. Put your phone and laptop away at least an hour before bed – try reading a book or writing in a journal before bed, 2. Set up a routine that you do every night before bed – this helps your brain to know it’s time to unwind and get ready for sleep, and 3. Try to go to sleep with a clear mind – if your mind is racing with events from the day, it is that much harder to have a good nights’ sleep. Sleep also helps with weight loss, growth, and your ability to focus during the day – which is why a having enough sleep is so important!

10. Do Things That Make You Happy!
Above all else – always, ALWAYS do things that make you happy! Yes, this can be hard to find the time around work and a busy schedule, but is potentially the most important thing for Self Care. It is important to always think about the number one, and doing everything we can to get through life happy. Don’t let anybody tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, make sure whatever you do is for yourself and because it is going to make you feel good.

I hope everyone is doing well during these uncertain times; make the most of this situation with some self care, and prioritise your well being. Using these top 10 tips will help you to set up habits that will help you in all aspects of life, and help you to be the absolute best that you can be everyday!

Take care, and I’ll see you in the next post
T xx

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