Get to Know Me in 15 Random Facts

Hey everyone! 

I felt it fitting to do a 15 things that no one knows about me! I share a lot about myself on social media and on the radio – but this is just a but of fun and a little something different! This is basically just 15 random facts about myself that pop into my mind right now 🤣 I would love for you to share some random things about yourself that pop into your mind as well!

1. I hate wearing pairs of socks 🧦
I almost always wear odd socks, because whenever I wear a pair something bad happens… 

2. I love running – but only when I am already running 🏃🏻‍♀️
Like seriously, I dread it when i go out, but once I’m actually running it’s just the best feeling! Running and exercise is just so good for mental health, and who doesn’t love getting outside and enjoying the beautiful nature we have around us?  

3. I met the love of my life at 15, but didn’t realise it was him until almost 6 years later…
Thankfully we are now happily together and living our best lives! I couldn’t imagine a life where he wasn’t in it! We’ve moved up home to be closer to our families (and because its cheaper) and things have never been better!

4. I’m a dog person, but my first pet was a cat 🐈
That sounds backwards, but my little fur baby Merlin was a rescue kitten, and he’s been with me for over a year. He’s one of the best impulse decisions I’ve ever made! We have also got a dog now called Jake.

5. My poison of choice is Wine
Yep, I am 100% a wine drinker! When I first started drinking wine, I thought it was the classier choice… (I know – mental). I love a good Pinot Gris the most, but I am open to pretty much all wine that isn’t Chardonnay. Plus – its just so versatile for any event so I never have to really think about what to drink! Cheers! 🥂

6. I’m a very self conscious person.
This is probably my biggest downfall. I am so paranoid about my body and how I look; I know it’s bad but I just can’t help it, you know? I’ve been working really hard with building my positivity and feeling good in my own skin – this is where the importance of self worth and self love has come into my life!

7. I’m an online-shopping-holic 🛍
Is that even a thing? You’ll almost always find me online shopping – if I’m not doing anything else… My favourite stores are Glassons, Princess Polly, BooHoo and any kind of sports shops! Check out the socials for more!

8. I spend probably 60% of my life with Netflix.
This sounds extreme but it’s definitely true. Whether it be a cozy movie night with my partner, watching stand up comedy or just binge watching a tv show, I almost always have Netflix going.. (I’m writing this with You in the background…) (I’ll write a post with some of my favourite things to watch sometime – that’s a whole lot in itself!)

9. I find myself most relaxed when I’m alone.  
I feel like this is everyone – I am 200% a people person and I love others’ company, but I am always most relaxed when I am on my own just unwinding and spending quality time with myself. I try to spend at least a couple of hours in my own company and just chilling out – keeps me sane!

10. I always wanted to be a film director when I was younger. 
My hero was Sir Peter Jackson – NZ film director (he did the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings and King Kong and stuff…) I spent a lot of time when I was younger (and sometimes still do..) looking into the makings of different films and how it all came together – and I can always appreciate a good film!

11. I’ve almost always kept some kind of journal.
Journal writing has been a part of me since a young age. I have lost a lot of my old journals now, but I have done it for a long time – I love the feel of putting pen to paper and just having a private way to express my emotions. I’m looking more into putting together bullet journals to be able to express more creativity and be able to track my daily habits and feelings.

12. My favourite things to wear are T-Shirt Dresses!
Oh. My. Goodness. T-Shirt Dresses are literally everything! Dress them up with heels and a cute bag, or down with bike shorts and chunky sneakers, and you don’t even have to worry about your outfit too much! I also love a good hoodie dress over bike shorts for the perfect comfy outfit – plus they look amazing!

13. I’m a massive travel bug ✈️
I can not afford to travel right now, but there are so many places that I want to go! I’m always daydreaming of the places that I want to go, and planning the next trip that I’m going to take – hopefully soon (once Covid-19 isn’t a thing)! (should I start a travel blog…?) 

14. My dream job is to work in social media – and real media!
I’m working really hard on my instagram and social media (shameless self plug) and I just love getting in front of a camera and having some fun! I also work in radio right now and I absolutely love it! I love talking about music, lifestyle and events, and all things fun!
15. My favourite snack is crackers and hummus 😍
Mmm… Some good chargrilled capsicum hummus on sweet chilli peckish crackers… I need to go find some now! 

I hope you enjoyed this little fun post – more serious posts to come, so watch this space!

See you in the next one!
T xx

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